ESTINVEST Impianti bottling & packaging

Via Cabruna, 24 - 15057 Tortona (AL) – Italia

Tel. +39-3356284672

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Plants for food industry and packaging.

Planning construction and starting up of complete plants.

Machines and complete bottling plants for:

mineral waters, soft drinks, wine, beer. milk, liquid eggs, jams, mayonnaise, ketchups..

Complete bottling plants    NEW Machines    CONVEYORS    Spare parts    PUMPS         

Second hand plants and machineries

Opis: Opis: BD14677_

Company Estinvest Impianti Bottling & packaging arises and operates in Tortona well-known wine regions of Italy,

 at the junction of Piedmont and Lombardy. It is here among the hills of the best wines are produced such as:

Barolo, Barbaresco, Barbera, Cortese, Chardonnay, Timorasso and many others.


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Bonarda                               Barbera
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   Cortese           Dolcetto       Timorasso

Since 1989, Estinvest Impianti deals with the design and installation of machinery for bottling of the wines and spirits

(Filling machines, Cappers , labellers conveyors and many others ).


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 Filler                 Capper

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     Conveyors                     Labeller


Filling machines for filling , capping and labeling for

 wine, vodka, honey liquors, syrup, juices and oil


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Honey liquor


Syrops and drops





Experience, being garnered during many years of work on markets worldwide and the continuous improvement of technology of machines,

makes the final product is able to meet the requirements of the wine sector the severest and alcoholic strength.

A team of highly qualified and experienced engineers and technicians provides a professional and competent support for our customers.

Expertise and sympathetic consideration to each customer as well as the flexibility of technical and economic solutions to make our machines

are used in both a large fully automated and in small beginners wine establishments


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